Handbook of Applied Cryptography

The Handbook of Applied Cryptography is a useful reference text during our course and is available free online. Each of the individual chapters are available for download on the website and we've additionally provided a joint single PDF of all the chapters.

If you haven't played with Python 3 before, we've provided a brief introduction.
It's highly suggested to install Python 3 and the PyCrypto library (download) on your own computer as soon as possible.

Lab Contents Date
1 Breaking HMACs [ additional content: ] 13th & 16th March, 2018
2 PRNGs, XOR and DES [ additional content: ] 20th & 23rd March, 2018
3 Key Exchange and Breaking DES [ additional content: ] 27th & (30th) March, 2018
4 Introduction to SkyNet project, git, and phabricator 10th & 13th April, 2018